Sunday, 17 October 2010

sun in your eyes

I was in Berlin for five days. It was a lovely place. I think I'm going to want to go there again. So many things I didn't see and even more things that I want to see again. I didn't discover anything new there except for perhaps that I don't necessarily need to. I should just keep on doing what I do. And get a job. And live a life like the one I want. And I'm ready to take on my every day life now. I wasn't sure before. But I went there and I didn't die yet. So I'm ready.

I did take pictures. Now I'm no photographer, but I still want to show some.

It's now time for silent yet pleasant autumn times of settled, bitter sadness that makes me smile in the 'don't laugh at me don't look away' kind of way. I've been listening to music and trying to find the music in me again.

when trouble thinks it's found us
the world falls down around us

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