Wednesday, 3 November 2010

we're spinning on our heels

 Dear, dear Katie, what have you done lately
I've heard it's all going on...

It's been a while since i posted last time. But that's life so you just have to accept it. My life has been during these weeks like a pipebomb which is going to explode on any second - and still three weeks left before I really can relax a bit and think if I've failed or succeeded. We'll see. Now I have two different lighting productions coming up: some theatre and dance, and I'm getting pretty nervous. Last time I designed any lights was in August and two month brake is a way too much for me. So it takes some time to get the hang of. Hope it'll go well.  Everybody trust me.

But thank god there's some great and happy things coming soon too, as James Blunt is going to save me on next Monday! His new album Some Kind of a Trouble is out then (8th November) and it's gonna be so great (even thought I, in theory, don't have any money). I've already heard couple songs like the single Stay the Night and it's brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant. It's totally different from what we're used to hear from James. It's fresh, happy, and it makes me smile like an idiot. Yeah, I'm not joking. I'm sure everybody remember his earlier hits You're Beautiful and 1973 and know that they're everything but happy. But this album makes the difference: the whole album will be good mooded. So it's totally unresistable as I love smiling and happy music. I hope others will understand me and agree because James Blunt is a man of my life (well one of them..) and I've been waiting this for soo long.

Here. Stay the Night.

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