Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I grew up with Harry Potter. Did you?

So, it's finally November and I'm attending NaNoWriMo right now, like last year. Only last year I got bored with my story so fast that I never finished it. Now I'm writing something I've been planning for half a year already, and I'm really excited about it. As I'm writing this, my word count is 12 295, so yay.

About the story I'm writing then: it's a Harry Potter fanfic (as the smartest ones might already have realised after reading the title of this post). It's slash (this means two blokes doin' it). It's going to be very canon (which means I'll try to change the original story and the characters as little as possible). It starts somewhere in 1976 and ends in May 2 1998. And it involves my long-time OTP (one true pairing), Remus and Severus. So, do you think I can do it?

I believe I can. So come on November, bring it on!

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