Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the girl who lived on lemonade

Today, I finally got a package in the mail that I've been waiting for for ages. It's the super lovely Skins DVD-box that I ordered from at the very reasonable price of £29,99 and it includes complete first, second, third and fourth series of the show <3 I already watched my favourite episodes of the first series. I didn't even remember how great that shit is!
(Here I was supposed to apologise about this terrible picture that I was going to post because I have to flaunt it, yes it's absolutely necessary, but Blogger doesn't seem to work so I'll leave it. Probably for the best though, I think Vilma might have been crying bloody tears right about now if I had succeeded.)

I had my first piano lesson in years today. It was kind of fun. I think I'll like it. The piano playing. Haven't been too fond of it lately. But I like the music. But on the other hand, don't I always. (Answer: no I don't. Some music is shitty. It's kind of sad.)

I don't really have that much to say. I've a funeral gig next Saturday. I'll be singing love songs. It's really not so much about me being gloomy as it is about what I've been told to sing. It's the composer's wife's funeral. Oh, no pressure. None whatsoever. Singing at funerals and weddings makes me feel like a real musician, as well as inheriting my mum's old Bach books.

it's one of these days

It's about love again. A popular theme, I see. But I'm not going to talk about things I love. I'm going to talk how I can't forget what I've loved. Silly me, I just can't. It started already years ago. I was young, so young and the boy was much older than me. I was sure that it'd never work and so it didn't. But there was something I couldn't resist in him. Was it his smile or hair, the way he is, talk or walk? I don't know. It could be everything, all the little details or otherwise...none of them.

What if it was only in my head? I saw him as a man of my dreams but in reality, he can be totally different. However, I was helplessly in love. And to be honest I still am. Not so passionately, not that much that I'd only think about him. Still there are these days when I'm absent-minded and you find me boring and slow. It's because he still keeps coming to my dreams every once in a while. Last night, twice.

Now we're both older and the age difference isn't so big anymore. Or so it feels. But am I ready to just call him or talk to him if I'd see him suddenly somewhere on a Friday night? No, no I'm not. When it's about boys I turn out to be shy and insecure. My head certanly forgets how to be funny and produce sensible sentences. I really need to get rid of this because it's not who I am. I'm the person who calls to taxi when no one else got guts to do it. I take challenges and I'm not scared of anything but jumping to water. If you know me you know that I like to talk with others, even they'd been strangers.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

it's my turn to love

I love music. All kinds of music. Jazz, classical, heavy metal, what's indie in a cool way and what's indie in an overly hipster way, pop, rock and blues, musicals and folk songs and gospel. Right now, I love Regina Spector. She sings beautifully. I also love pictures of music, movies of music, books of music. It's what I do. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I ever do.

I love autumn. It's a bit cold and a bit dark, it feels like a beginning and means that soon it's winter and the world is going to seem smaller and safer. It's the time to eat apple pie and oven apples, hold a teacup in your hands and sit in a pub for hours with a friend and watch the rain outside. It's warm and cosy and the beer tastes good and nobody is constantly telling you to go wild.

I love things that make me feel weird. Good weird or just different weird. Some songs or films, some people or some words. A photograph or a drawing can make you look at it twice. Sentences, when well written, can do that. Or books that can make you cry in a rush hour bus. I love the feeling that you can get, how you're not quite sure of things and what happens next, when you suddenly start to rethink what's important.

I love people, who are fun to be around. People who make you forget your worries and just seize the moment, as corny as it sounds. The kind of people who make you go 'fuck it, it's not what I want to do, let's do that instead'. In the long run, it might not be good for you, but in can make you feel better than you've felt in ages. I love my friends who laugh and smile and talk and hug and cry and are happy and are sad and need me and make me need them. I love my crazy friends who'll do crazy things with me.

i love owls

any kinds of owls. 
real ones, jewels, cuddly toys, ornaments, owls in clothes, 
the sound they make and any kinds of owl shaped or -themed things. 
just have to love them. oh, and songs about owls of course!

Mew - Owl
Devendra Banhart - Owl Eyes
Seabear - Owl Waltz

i wish we could open our eyes

Even though I'm usually tired in the mornings and my huge bed is stunningly comfortable, I've grown to really like mornings like this one. I get to listen to music and drink my tea and get ready for the day. There are a few problems, though.

1. My brother wakes up grumpy, noisy and in need of a long shower.
2. My mum really hates this. She is loud when she hates something.
3. My brother is easily annoyed by my mum being loud. He's loud when he's annoyed with something.
4. I usually don't have to wake up as early as my brother, because I've had my share of early mornings during the first 11 years of my 12 years of school.
5. I don't sleep too well when it's really noisy.
6. When my brother is taking a shower for an hour lying in the bathtub and using up all the hot water (we don't have that problem, but it's really annoying when we're on holiday).
7. My brother usually likes to go to the shower just about when I have to wake up. He doesn't mind being late. I do.

So they are noisy together and I turn around in my bed for an hour unable to sleep. When I finally wake up, my brother is in the shower and won't get out of the bathroom. Our only bathroom in the house. Then, about 15 minutes before I have to leave, I get to use it. Usually. Because guess which is more important, my getting to school in time or my dad's getting to work in time?

I usually shower in the evening. It's just easier that way.

Today, my morning music is Sigur Rós, Death Cab For Cutie, Scandinavian Music Group and of the like. It finally looks like autumn. I need to brush my hair. I have a test in German in about an hour, and I'm going to be screwed, because I've kind of been busy with all the matriculation exams and shit. Haven't had time to concentrate on studying German, seriously. But I guess I'll just have to do my best. And try and pass the exam.

Morning, all.

Monday, 27 September 2010

climb up in the trees, every chance that you get is a chance you seize

I shouldn't do this when I'm on a bad mood, sorry. But I have my reasons. I really wanted to achieve success in matriculation exams, especially in English, but I didn't. I'm really disappointed and I hate myself at the moment. Yeah yeah I want you all to know it because C isn't acceptable at all! Of course that's only in my opinion because I wanted to get E which is really good... And now I'm merely middle class with my forlorn C and miserable points. *sobs*

Neverthelss, hello I'm Vilma slash foaly and when I'm not that disappointed I'm really cheerful person and I tend to smile and laugh all the time. For real, I'm not joking! So that's who I am, broadly.

Me and Inkku have very similar taste of music and we like cool things. For instance: Ikku has almost all of my favourite movies and books in her bookshelf and I have to borrow them all because I've been so miserly that I haven't bought any. Haha, sorry. I'll lend you some CDs or books if you like. Sooo that's about it. By the way, I'm already feeleing better now. We're going to watch (500) Days of Summer with my mom now and eat oven apples with ice cream. She's so awsome.

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streets are uneven when you're down

This is one of those days that when you wake up you feel like asking whether you should be awake at all. And you keep on sleeping. And when you finally wake up, and holding your tea cup choose your morning music, think about what you should wear, it starts feeling like a regular morning.
Surprisingly enough, it's a sunny day. My fake flower living in an empty bottle of wine seems happy today. The mess on my desk seems lovely. I'll go to school and meet the people who have already texted me this morning, and the ones who might be thinking how I am.
I feel loved.
It's a bit odd.

I'm listening to the Doors. I don't feel strange today.

This is a blog that I'm going to write from now on with Vilma. I'm Avery, or Inkku if you will, from deepest darkest Helsinki, 18 and going on 19. I like music and artsy shit, like corny blog posts and musicals.
This blog is about the things that we like and the other things in life, like what we do or the things we don't like but exist. Or something of the like, I think. It's quite possible that you'll see later on what this is about, just like us. Welcome! We like you already.