Monday, 27 September 2010

climb up in the trees, every chance that you get is a chance you seize

I shouldn't do this when I'm on a bad mood, sorry. But I have my reasons. I really wanted to achieve success in matriculation exams, especially in English, but I didn't. I'm really disappointed and I hate myself at the moment. Yeah yeah I want you all to know it because C isn't acceptable at all! Of course that's only in my opinion because I wanted to get E which is really good... And now I'm merely middle class with my forlorn C and miserable points. *sobs*

Neverthelss, hello I'm Vilma slash foaly and when I'm not that disappointed I'm really cheerful person and I tend to smile and laugh all the time. For real, I'm not joking! So that's who I am, broadly.

Me and Inkku have very similar taste of music and we like cool things. For instance: Ikku has almost all of my favourite movies and books in her bookshelf and I have to borrow them all because I've been so miserly that I haven't bought any. Haha, sorry. I'll lend you some CDs or books if you like. Sooo that's about it. By the way, I'm already feeleing better now. We're going to watch (500) Days of Summer with my mom now and eat oven apples with ice cream. She's so awsome.

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