Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the girl who lived on lemonade

Today, I finally got a package in the mail that I've been waiting for for ages. It's the super lovely Skins DVD-box that I ordered from at the very reasonable price of £29,99 and it includes complete first, second, third and fourth series of the show <3 I already watched my favourite episodes of the first series. I didn't even remember how great that shit is!
(Here I was supposed to apologise about this terrible picture that I was going to post because I have to flaunt it, yes it's absolutely necessary, but Blogger doesn't seem to work so I'll leave it. Probably for the best though, I think Vilma might have been crying bloody tears right about now if I had succeeded.)

I had my first piano lesson in years today. It was kind of fun. I think I'll like it. The piano playing. Haven't been too fond of it lately. But I like the music. But on the other hand, don't I always. (Answer: no I don't. Some music is shitty. It's kind of sad.)

I don't really have that much to say. I've a funeral gig next Saturday. I'll be singing love songs. It's really not so much about me being gloomy as it is about what I've been told to sing. It's the composer's wife's funeral. Oh, no pressure. None whatsoever. Singing at funerals and weddings makes me feel like a real musician, as well as inheriting my mum's old Bach books.

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