Tuesday, 28 September 2010

it's my turn to love

I love music. All kinds of music. Jazz, classical, heavy metal, what's indie in a cool way and what's indie in an overly hipster way, pop, rock and blues, musicals and folk songs and gospel. Right now, I love Regina Spector. She sings beautifully. I also love pictures of music, movies of music, books of music. It's what I do. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I ever do.

I love autumn. It's a bit cold and a bit dark, it feels like a beginning and means that soon it's winter and the world is going to seem smaller and safer. It's the time to eat apple pie and oven apples, hold a teacup in your hands and sit in a pub for hours with a friend and watch the rain outside. It's warm and cosy and the beer tastes good and nobody is constantly telling you to go wild.

I love things that make me feel weird. Good weird or just different weird. Some songs or films, some people or some words. A photograph or a drawing can make you look at it twice. Sentences, when well written, can do that. Or books that can make you cry in a rush hour bus. I love the feeling that you can get, how you're not quite sure of things and what happens next, when you suddenly start to rethink what's important.

I love people, who are fun to be around. People who make you forget your worries and just seize the moment, as corny as it sounds. The kind of people who make you go 'fuck it, it's not what I want to do, let's do that instead'. In the long run, it might not be good for you, but in can make you feel better than you've felt in ages. I love my friends who laugh and smile and talk and hug and cry and are happy and are sad and need me and make me need them. I love my crazy friends who'll do crazy things with me.


  1. Now I feel very simple cos I love owls and you love... everything.
    Haha, but i also love giraffes and sea lions! I know, makes me so multilevel! 8)

  2. 'I like what I like, but I love everything.'

  3. 'i like everybody but not everybody like me'
    Take my comment with humour :) i like to keep it simple and you'r a great writer.