Saturday, 27 November 2010

as the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts

today Johanna "Tuksu" Tukiainen has a "gig" in my town. all my friends here are going. and there's a saturday disco in Tavastia tonight and my Helsinki friends are going there. but i'm not. today i feel that it's much nicer to stay home, go to sauna and watch some silly tv shows with my family. or maybe snuggle to the corner of our sofa and grab a good book with me, not forgetting a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket.
so why should i celebrate every single weekend even there's actually no reason to party? i don't know. that's just what people expect when they're just turned to their eighteens. you should party every friday and saturday night and after all that, survive from school and hobbies. i'm not made to sleep only 4 hours per night and to study hard 8 hours a day. no way. so i'm not going to party tonight. i'm going to relax and enjoy my time here as i am, watching the beautiful scene outside.

one week ago it snowed and it felt funny after this warm autumn. i thought it'd be like every november: it starts suddenly and next morning it's turned to water. but this year seems to be very exraordinady, indeed. last winter was extremely cold and there were so much snow that we had to shovel it off from our roof because the mass off snow was dangerously heavy.  last summer was the hottest ever been in finland before and now it's 15 degrees colder than normally in november! crazy, isn't it? so now i have very wintry and christmasy feeling. high snow drifts, dark almost the whole day and the sky looks very beautiful with brightly shining stars. jingle bells, jingle bells...
love, f

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