Thursday, 2 December 2010

she is the grey weather at the end of my tether

I had already forgotten how good Mew actually is. I really was, until today. I was searching some songs to play at school on our music course and the headwords I entered on Spotify gave me a bunch of Mew's songs. I was surprised because I haven't think about them in months, don't know why. First time I realized I like them was in the summer of 2009, at Ruisrock music festival. Mew was the last band left on Saturday. I didn't know anything about them but my friend wanted to see them so we stayed and it was worth it. The feeling was absolutely amazing. Thousands of people swaying in the uneven rythmn and enjoying the sensuous sound of the singer's voice. And we were outside, it was summer night, the sky was clear and full of shining stars. What is more, the lights and the video show behind the band was an experience intrinsically.

Second time we went to see Mew when they had a gig in Helsinki in November 2009. Just a year ago. We were in four (Inkku was one of them) and this time all knew what was coming and the exitement was guaranteed. This gig wasn't so incredible as the gig in Ruisrock but still, it was really good.

Now I have recalled enough, I think. And it's time for some new stuff: Mew has released a compilation album of their greatest songs and its name is Eggs Are Funny. Funny isn't it? Album cover and link to Spotify below!

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