Sunday, 12 December 2010

a sunday smile and we felt true

Many times I've been sniffing my perfumes and remembering things they remind me of. Those memories are very strong. Actually I can't use certain perfumes when the smell reminds me of something I don't want to remember that time.
You learn to love or hate different smells when they remind you of something. Many times you remember things from your childhood because you remember the smell which is releated to that memory. I love the smell in my grandmother's place. I think everyone does if they jush have good memories. Also I loved the smell of the house where my deceased aunt used to live.

But let's talk about those perfumes a bit more. I have two perfumes which are very strongly releated to certain things. First is Versace's Bright Crystal. Every time I smell it I remember my first year in upper secondary school. I remember my first friends, exciting new subjects and things I loved and learned to forget during that winter. I love to use that perfume when I'm feeling calm and happy. Second is DKNY's Be Delicious (the green one). I need to say only two words to describe this memory: Sleeping Beauty. When I smell this I remember everything releated to our play last spring. Our rehearsals, jokes, lipstick, parties, displays...everything. This one I use when I go to party or when I feel joyous. Other perfumes I use when I don't wanna use neither of these two. Maybe some new memories will get linked to them.

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