Sunday, 9 January 2011

can't we go already?

I was checking some connections and other practical stuff for our trip to London as they changed the flight schedule. Now I can't stop thinking about how great it's going to be, so much so that I can't even spare a thought to celebrate the fact that I only have one month of upper secondary school left (matriculation exams excluded). I just want to dream and plan and be all girly and hyped about it it's only been about six months since I last visited London but I can't wait to get back. We decided to do some planning (read getting all weird about cool things we want to do and drawing hearts on sheets of paper) with Vilma tomorrow.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
1. Be dead sexy.
2. Hug me, touch my hair, be close to me.
3. Smell good.
4. Tell me I'm cute.
5. Invite me to do weird and out-of-the-blue stuff with you.
6. Laugh a lot.
7. Tell me I'm good at something that matters to me.
8. Fall in love with me.

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