Saturday, 15 January 2011

who didn't eat their meds

Vilma's been mad at me because I've been a lazy blogger.

Two reasons! I've nothing interesting to say lately. I've just been to school and to work and sitting on my laptop for hours just writing. Which brings me to reason number two: fanfiction has completely swallowed me. I'm writing like a madman right now. So I'm sorry. I'm a bad person. And won't talk about it any more since nobody probably wants to listen. I'm a geek, I know. And loving it!


I finally got my voice back. So I can sing again, yay! I had a voice lesson yesterday and it went fine, even though my teacher totally scolded me for being so damned lazy. And stupid. But I have a great voice, so she can't hate me <3 Maybe I should give up for today. I've nothing clever to say. I'll show you some music and post my day four of our cool little meme.

I know, it's in Finnish. But it's one of my favourite songs right now.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
1. What now? It's like the end of an era.
2. Will I ever be what I want to be?
3. I'm tired.
4. Feeling guilty about things I should do but am too lazy to do.
5. Doing things perfectly.
6. What others think of me.
7. How I'm way less acknowledged for what I can than some other people, and just because I'm modest about it.

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