Sunday, 9 January 2011

if I wouldn't have you

I have to reply to Inkku's post because I'm as excited as Inkku. Though, she has been in London but I haven't so I have my reasons to be super excited! I just don't quite know what I should be waiting for because I don't want to wait too much...well anyway I don't think that London could ever disappoint me, it's such a big city full of everything I love. It's me whose music taste includes over 500 different bands and 60% of it is British.

Sorry, some of the answers are same.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
1. Please me with your personality.
2. Don't be intrusive. (If you're this man you can forget this step)
3. Make me love you before showing you love me.
4. Be trustworthy.
5. Be a hot musician or simply like good music.
6. Smell good.
7. Have courage and spontaneous to do things extempore.
8. Have a sexy moustache.

Am I a bit too picky? *laugh*

if I wouldn't have you - nek

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