Sunday, 2 January 2011

i'm me even this year

Well then, I'll keep them coming. My first post in 2011, so cool!
I guess I could say something else, but meh.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
1. I know what I want and my biggest fear is to never achieve it.
2. I tend to get extremely emotional. It is, at times, a bit embarrassing. But it's me, folks.
3. I'm very proud of my language skills. It's stupid, because it's nothing special.
4. I hate early mornings and sometimes reward myself by sleeping in on a school morning when I'm too tired to get up.
5. I love winters, snow and cold. It doesn't mean I never miss summer.
6. Having a driver's license and a job really makes me feel like a grown up.
7. I love this kind of memes but suck at filling them. More often than not I don't finish them. I'll try now, however.
8. I've a brother. He's great even though he's sixteen and difficult.
9. I'm a geek.

This is so much fun. Sorry Vilma, you're going to kill me in the end :D


  1. Hah! I like these too til questions aren't too hard :D

  2. I am a geek too.. so lets do it :))))))

  3. and i have answers of all your questions :)