Friday, 7 January 2011

i'm actually moving pretty fast

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
1. I live on a border of two towns. The other is big and stupid and the other small and cosy. I always say that I live in that smaller one even though officially my hometown is that bigger one.
2. My school is about 40km away from where I live.
3. In February we go to London and then I've finallly visited all three cool cities in Europe: London, Paris and Rome.
4. My taste of music is pretty strange. Or very indie because I can't stand music what is too popular.
5. My favourite shops are Bershka, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius. None of them is in Finland...
6. I'm not very good at languages but I've tried to study Italian for three years now. I'll never speak it well but at least I understand and read it well.
7. I want to move to Helsinki someday. I'm tired to travel long distances.
8. I like swimming. Many people hate it but I like it. It's so relaxing and you always get a good feeling. It doesn't feel like a sport at all because you don't sweat.
9. I started to do this in my home town and now I'm in Helsinki. Tram 1 passing by.
10. I love to be childish. I don't like to stress out and often I just forget "rules" and do what I want.

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